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New IP

Redmancometh a posted Jan 18, 14
Use for the next couple of days. We are currently doing maintenance.
parishtierney Hey, there seems to be no shop or market at either of those warps in the towny server. I was wondering if this was going ...
david_botero66 x The official StrongholdCraft IP is: ...
lysellda Hey guys if you are having trouble connecting use this ip: ...

The Hub!

Redmancometh a posted Jan 12, 14
So we now have a hub up at! Our old factions server is still there of course, along with towny, skyblock, creative, and survival games! Enjoy! It has taken quite a bit of effort, but we finally finished it....before our deadline!

First your donations went to the new dedi, and now the hub, so you can really see your money at work!
dtape123 red what is going on with the server i havent been bale to get on and i have to finish my contest entry in creative! ple ...
xHarlequinxX looks awesome! ...

Christmas News

Redmancometh a posted Dec 21, 13
Hey everybody, so I'm sure most of you have noticed the recent influx of players. We got advertising on minecraft-server-list, and here we are! The basic news is that
1) We're finally using a very stable version of 1.7.2
2) We have implemented the 1.7.2 blocks including everything but dark oak saplings.

So on to our next part of news! We are going to be celebrating Christmas in some fairly interesting ways. We will be hiding various Christmas trees throughout the realm with presents under them! They will be placed early morning the day before Christmas eve. There will be a sign under the tree with a number on it. You simply screenshot it, send it to us, and get loot!

We will also be giving 20% off of all donations until Christmas day. Either just send 80% of the donation you want to on PayPal or use the donator shop and use coupon code 20OFF!
MRNZSD which time zone is that to?
We recently reverted back from 1.7 to 1.6.4 until 1.7 is truly ready. Some of you may have thought the server was offline because of the 1.7 client. It is online, and has been for about a week straight.

Happy halloween everyone, get on, and get cool rewards!

Also 25% off of all donor packages!

For some reason our server is showing as "down" on a couple of server lists. I do not know the reason for this, but it is a serious problem. In addition some people seem to be unable to connect using play.strongholdcraft or

Those are our 2 main connect IPs, and if one does not work try the other. If neither of them work please try our back up please use

If we are down at all three of those please try again in a few minutes. We are down less than 10 minutes per week. Our total downtime in 2 and a half weeks (excluding the time we got DDoSd) is less than half an hour. If you are unable to connect feel free to add me on skype: My username on there is gingercheff, and the name it will show is Brendan Curry

Thank you all, and have a great day.

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